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The Boat Dock Quick Tips

How to Sell Your Boat Fast and for The Most Money?

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* Clean, Clean, Clean. Remember the three things about real estate? Location, Location, Location! Well, when selling your Boat it’s Condition, Condition, Condition!

* Get the funk out! If your Boat smells a little musty or funky, try airing it out and using one of the readily available odor eliminators on the market, like 3M Mold and Mildew Remover, Febreze, or Odor Eliminator and make it smell nice and new. No one wants their new Boat to smell like grandma’s basement. 😊

* Remove your personal belongings. Prospective buyers want to see the Boat they are considering buying as their new Boat, not someone else’s old one.

* Lots and lots of pictures. Have to say this one again… lots and lots of pictures. We recommend 25-35 pictures. Make sure and show all of the great features of the Boat, be careful not to take too many close ups, you want them to get a total feel for it. You want nice “Glamour Shots” but also include any deficiencies or damage. Nothing will stop a deal faster than someone coming to buy it, but you didn’t show them the one small issue it has. Talk about all deficiencies openly and up front to ensure they are never a deal breaker.

* Repairs. If any repairs or small touch ups are needed, get it done prior to showing. If you don’t have to apologize for anything, there is no reason to lower your price!

* Service records. If you have them, flaunt them. If your Boat has been well maintained - prove it!

* Titles and registration. Locate your title(s) and registration ahead of time, no one likes scrambling around at the last minute trying to locate paperwork, and plus some banks require a copy of it if your buyer is financing their new Boat.

* Owners manuals. Buyers love to have the manuals. It makes the used Boat seem more like a brand new one, and it helps them if they have any questions (instead of calling you!) 😊

* Extended Warranty/Service Agreements. If you purchased a service agreement or appearance protection, like Freedom Protection or Nano Protection, on your Boat, make sure you advertise it and have the paperwork ready for any prospective buyers.

* Where to list your Boat for sale: Spend the money on a good listing on a good classified website like Boat Trader,, iBoats, etc. The exposure is worth it, and while free listings like Facebook Marketplace and Craigs List should also be utilized, they do not have the geographic reach and marketing power that the classified websites have.