VANTAGE Pontoon Wrap & Guard

The ONLY way to protect your investment

The outer edge of any pontoon, by design, is vulnerable to damage. The Pontoon Guard will protect your tubes from the most common damage. If your tubes are already damaged, the Vantage Pontoon Combo Kit will cover up existing scratches and protect them from future damage.

Application Process

The Vantage Pontoon Guard ™ is a HEAVY DUTY Extruded PVC material that will produce long lasting protection from inevitable dock/bumper rash, trailer guides, and boat lift rails that make your pontoon tubes look old and damaged. The Vantage Pontoon Guard ™ is UV protected for durability and long life. We use only high quality 3M Pressure Sensitive Acrylic foam tape for best adhesion in marine environments. Whether your pontoon is new or used, the Vantage Pontoon Guard will protect your investment for years to come.


If you want to protect your pontoon, give us a call to schedule an appointment! (217) 793-7300

Pontoons for sale: Pontoons For Sale in IL (

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ICON EV Golf Carts

Drive the course, cruise the beach, or go anywhere in between; your ICON® EV will take you there.

I40L is our Best Seller

We are proud to announce our full line of ICON and EPIC golf carts! Springfield, IL and beyond, get a taste of Florida style golf carts right here in Central, IL. These golf carts are decked out right from the factory and to your driveway. Enjoy standard features such as LED lights, digital gauges, turn signals, and more. Plus, you can add options to make your golf cart more personalized!

Room for 6 Friends

Yes, you can cruise around with 6 friends if you want! This ICON I60L is sleek, sturdy, and the most practical six-seater golf cart for residential and commercial use.

This golf cart is loaded with class-leading features like 12′′aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, powder-coated steel chassis, lights, turn signals, high-speed rear ends, heavy-duty forward brush guard, durable front and rear bumpers, fender flairs, painted rooftops, horns, digital gauges, and more.

Browse our inventory: Golf Carts For Sale at The Boat Dock in Springfield, IL

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The All-New 2023 Crownline 220SS

The Newest Model in Crownline’s exciting SURF series.

Crownline 220SS
The all-new Crownline 220SS

This vessel is designed to be nimble and quick while providing great surfing conditions. Featuring a center ballast system and two additional bags with Quick Disconnect hardware for easy filling (for 1,175 lbs. of ballast) to increase the height and length of your wave for the best possible ride. Rated up to 350 HP, the 220 SS SURF is light, fast and incredibly fun.

Crownline 220SS Interior
Color matched interior

F.A.S.T. Tab Hull

Patented and proven, Crownline’s F.A.S.T. TAB® Hull Design is one of the most efficient and attractive hull designs on the market today, improving slow-speed stability, time-to-plane acceleration and fuel economy.

The acronym stands for fin-assisted safe turn. That’s the description. In practice, a F.A.S.T Tab hull’s vented chines aerate the running surface to reduce drag, and the fin-like tabs keep those vents from producing handling quirks. The hull sticks in turns, is responsive to trim, and really airs out at speed. Chop back the throttle and you can feel the vents working as the boat glides along for quite some distance before settling off plane.

There’s always positive control with the most unique sport boat hull system running today.

For more info: Crownline Boats – Surf Boats | SS Surf Series | 220 SS Surf | Inboard

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FLOE Trailers are Dependable and Versatile

The uni-body design includes virtually indestructible side walls which remain durable even in sub-zero temperatures. FLOE’s exclusive floor trussing system delivers maximum strength, excellent water drainage, and superior cleaning ability.

Floe Trailers
Great for family vacations too!

Three Unique Loading & Unloading Options

Level Ramp Mode: For ATV’s and other high clearance loads.

Limited Tilt Mode: For low clearance vehicles, such as lawnmowers and motorcycles.

Full Tilt Dump Mode: For dirt, mulch, gravel and other loose material.

Floe Trailers
XRT- 8-57
  • Extremely bright and long-lasting commercial-grade LED lights. Lights are recessed into an aluminum frame, which prevents accidental breakage.
  • Each light is independently grounded to the tow vehicle eliminating intermittent grounding issues.
  • Molded wiring harness runs through the aluminum frame creating the ultimate protection for the electrical system.

” We needed a small utility trailer. We stopped at a dealership to look at a different brand of aluminum trailers. Our salesman told us the CargoMax was exactly what we wanted. Small, light, easy to move, and extremely durable. I had some doubts about the molded polymer bed.

The salesman told me to watch the videos on FLOE’s website. I watched the videos and I was convinced this is what we wanted. We bought the trailer the next day.

It is fantastic. Very light. much lighter than our previous trailer. While I am not exactly looking forward to raking leaves this fall, I know this will be a great trailer to haul them to the compost site. We may not need the tilt feature to unload the trailer, but I’m sure going to try it. I am glad we got this trailer when we did. Once people realize how fantastic they are, they may not be able to make enough to keep up with the demand.”


Shop FLOE Trailers: ATV and Utility Trailers For Sale in Springfield, IL (

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Safe Boating on Fourth of July Weekend

Millions of boaters are expected to head out on the water this Fourth of July weekend, including more than 830,000 first time boat buyers who purchased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase in crowds coupled with the number of inexperienced new boaters has caught the attention of the Water Sports Foundation.   

“While we are pleased to welcome so many new boaters to the water, we believe it is critical to share important boating safety tips that we know will help reduce incidents and save lives this busy holiday weekend,” said Water Sports Foundation Executive Director Jim Emmons. “We’re anticipating a major wave of inexperienced boaters on the water this Fourth of July holiday and we need everyone – our experienced boaters and our newcomers alike – to plan accordingly and be well prepared.”     

The Water Sports Foundation shares seven tips to maximize boating fun and safety this Fourth of July weekend, and beyond:

  1. Important Basics: Plan Ahead & Be Prepared
  • Before launching the boat, conduct a thorough inspection of the vessel and trailer. The local Coast Guard auxiliary or Power Squadron may offer free vessel safety checks.
  • Conduct a pre-departure check to make sure all required safety equipment is on board and operational.
  • Ensure U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets are available for the weight and size of every passenger, especially youngsters. Life jackets save lives!
  • Check current weather conditions and forecast and plan accordingly.
  • NEVER overload your boat. Check the vessel capacity plate and comply with all weight mandates.
  • For boats 26’ or smaller, comply with the new federal law requiring boat operators to wear and engage Emergency Cut-Off Switch (ECOS). This safety lanyard shuts off the engine if the operator falls overboard.  
  • Be sure you have the correct number of fire extinguishers onboard and that they are fully charged, and easily accessible. Check expiration date to ensure they fall within newly mandated federal requirements.   
  • Make sure VHF radios, phones and EPIRB transponders work. Consider carrying a portable cell phone battery charger as back-up.
  • Pack sunscreen, first-aid kit, basic toolkit and extra food and water.

2. File a Float Plan

  • Create a simple, written plan that includes the names and contact information of all those aboard the boat, along with planned destinations, expected departure and return times.
  • Leave the plan on file with marina personnel and/or responsible emergency contacts.

3. Pre-Departure Crew Communications

  • An important and often overlooked boater safety strategy: the captain should always review safe boating protocols and practices with crew and passengers prior to departure, especially when new boaters are aboard.
  • This may include instructions for passengers to remain seated when the boat is underway; to keep arms and legs within the vessel; to wear life jackets; and to review pre-appointed assignments such designated observers during watersports activities, etc.

4. Always Designate a Sober Skipper

  • Don’t drink and drive a boat. Boating under the influence is the primary cause of boating-related deaths in the United States.
  • Designate someone who takes the pledge to avoid impairment and be responsible for operating the boat and getting everyone back to the dock safely
  • Passengers should also minimize alcohol consumption which can impair activity and judgment.  
  • Besides safeguarding family and friends from the effects and consequences of alcohol use, marine law enforcement will be heavily patrolling waterways and issuing costly citations to those operating vessels under the influence.  

5. Raft-Up Tips for Large Boat Gatherings 

  • New boaters should avoid navigating in major boating hotspots until you’ve gained more experience.
  • If you plan to raft-up with other boating friends, meet in advance to discuss strategies prior to departure so everyone knows the game plan.
  • Choose your spot carefully. Remember, if you’re positioned in the center of the action, don’t expect to make a fast or easy getaway.  
  • As you approach the destination, slow down to idle speed.
  • Designated observers should be engaged to look out for anchored and moving boats in your path along with swimmers, paddlers and tubers in the area. Approach carefully.
  • Once you’ve selected your location, the largest boat in the fleet should anchor first with appropriate line lengths, along with fenders extended on both sides.
  • As the raft-up ensues, consider use of a boat hook to help secure boats together. Once hooked, the captain is free to cut the engine, throw dock lines and connect.
  • Where possible, tie off at least two dock lines to each boat’s cleats, preferably at the bow or midship, and one at the stern.
  • The same slow and deliberate approach should be taken at departure. 

6. Night Moves & Fireworks         

  • Novice boaters should avoid operating after sunset, especially when considering the large crowds expected for holiday and fireworks festivities. Experienced boaters should also exercise extra precautions when operating at night.
  • Know and comply with approved anchoring locations issued by area marine authorities. Chart your route in advance including positions for navigation markers which may be difficult to see at night. Where possible, deploy GPS electronics to aid in navigation. 
  • Check in advance to ensure your boat’s running and anchor lights are working. For extra safety, carry a spotlight and flares.
  • Give yourself adequate time to reach and/or return to your targeted destination. Due to reduced visibility, travel at slower speeds.
  • Be patient and expect delays at busy marinas, boat ramps and docks.  
  • Keep your boat safely distanced from the fireworks barge, as well as from other boaters.
  • NEVER ignite fireworks of any type including sparklers from your boat. Gas fumes from the boat engine could easily ignite.   
  • Report illegal fireworks activities. 

7. Paddle Safety

  • Paddlers should always wear a life jacket. Three-quarters of people who died while paddling in 2019 were not wearing one. Don’t be a statistic—buckle up.
  • Dress for the weather and water temperature.
  • Know and follow local boating rules.
  • Paddlecraft are small so avoid large boats and crowds. See and be seen. Wear bright clothing and keep a whistle in reach (pro tip: clip it to your life jacket).
  • Choose your location carefully. Make sure your skill, experience and craft are a match for the waterway you choose.
  • Practice re-entering your kayak, canoe or paddleboard from the water.
  • Don’t drink alcohol and paddle.
  • Share your float plan (see Number 2 above).

“We want boaters to fully enjoy themselves, have fun and return to the dock safely this holiday weekend,” said Emmons. “U.S. Coast Guard data and our experience confirms that these tips, when followed, will reduce incidents and maximize the fun.”

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The all-new TRACKER Off Road 600 ATV


Tracker Off Road 600 ATV
This ATV is ready for it all.

Introducing the NEW Tracker Off Road 600 ATV. Delivering class-leading front & rear suspension you’ve come to expect, we have also improved ground clearance to 11.5” and fuel capacity to 5.7 gallons, keeping you in the field longer. You are sure to love the improved design with the addition of a driver-accessible storage compartment, larger foot wells, and re-engineered exhaust routing of a 45HP engine. Electronic 4×4 shifting, larger shocks, and higher air intake mounting are the icing on the cake. Welcome to your new favorite workhorse from Tracker Off Road!

Ground Clearance
11.5″ of ground clearance

Nearly a foot of ground clearance is afforded by articulating A-arm suspension that makes quick work of crawling over objects. In LE trim, the 600 EPS gets a 3,500-lb. winch, tubular steel front bumper, and new aluminum wheels.

Key Features:

  • NEW  45 hp, 600 cc engine
  • NEW  HSLA steel frame
  • Ergonomic controls placement and riding position
  • Durable steel storage racks – 100 lb front and 200 lb rear hauling capacity
  • Preload adjustable front and rear shock absorbers
  • Full-length polymer skid plate protects underneath from debris during riding
  • Reverse Override Switch

Learn More: New 2022 Tracker Off Road 600 EPS LE-ATV Camo All-Terrain Vehicle at Colman’s RV | Springfield, IL | #NT201326 (

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2022 NITRO Z21 XL

The All-New NITRO Z21 XL

This is what you’ve been waiting for. A bass rig with a REAL, demonstrable upgrade in speed, capability and style. The all-new Z21 XL fiberglass bass boat is proven to deliver a quicker hole shot and greater top speed with a full tournament load—and that’s just the beginning. Pro-designed storage includes a pair of front day boxes for instant access to your favorite baits while new rod box configurations carry more rods and include automatic LED lights so you’re never in the dark. The console is able to carry twin 12” graphs while the Z-Touch system delivers effortless control over every critical function on board. By any measure, the Z21 XL is destined to unleash the champion in you.

Learn more: NITRO Z21 XL – 2022 Bass Boat

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Why Buy A Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon Boating Offers More Fun For The Money

Sun Tracker Pontoon

There are many reasons to consider buying a pontoon boat. Pontoons are stable, have huge seating capacity and are easy to board for everyone from toddlers to great-grandparents. But one of the biggest advantages of pontoon boats is the price tag.

While pontoons vary in size, equipment, and amenities, and you certainly could spend in the triple-digits on some models, there are many value-priced pontoons on the market that are nicely equipped for a variety of on-the-water activities.

The cost of entry can be very affordable, allowing a family to get into a boat, motor and trailer for under $30,000,

Partly because they’re constructed from aluminum tubes and frames, pontoons typically are less costly to build than fiberglass boats. In addition, they’re powered by outboard engines, which often cost less and are more economical to maintain than the sterndrives found in many fiberglass runabouts and deck boats. And while a pontoon boat is not designed to outrun a fiberglass V-hull boat, thanks to advances in hull design and outboard technology, today’s pontoons deliver better performance than ever before.

More Fun for the Money

If you look at acquiring a boat in terms of price per passenger, a pontoon offers a truly unbeatable deal thanks to the spacious decks and seating arrangements, which let you bring more family and friends along for a day of fun on the water. There are many Mercury-powered pontoons on the market today that will let you enjoy the boating lifestyle for less money than you ever dreamed possible. The memories you make will be priceless.

Shop Pontoons & Tritoons- Pontoons For Sale in IL (



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Explore The Cobalt CS23 Surf

Since its first day on the water over 50 years ago, Cobalt’s commitment to performance, luxury and innovation has continued to set the standard for boating excellence.



Cobalt offers:

  1. Patented Swim Step for easy water access
  2. Maximum interior space
  3. 16-layer hand-laid fiberglass at keel
  4. Deep-V hull design for smooth ride
  5. Double French-stitched interiors
  6. Molded-in gelcoat graphics on exterior
  7. Extended running surface


The Cobalt Sport Package brings an additional high energy touch to the already-athletic Surf Series models. With bold interior color accents, color matched gauges at the dash, and a special edition water sports tower, your new CS23 Surf will step-up and stand-out.

Learn More: CS23 Surf: Wakesurfing Technology Perfected | Cobalt Boats


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Regency Luxury Pontoon Boats


This year’s lineup includes six stylish models carefully appointed with a number of innovative comforts specially curated to enhance your time on the water.
You’ve worked hard for your success—never resting on your laurels and never settling for “good enough.” You’ve always reached for more, pushing yourself to do better and go further. You’ve never been content with “normal” and “mundane” in your professional or personal life—and we know the same applies to your recreation.

cq5dam.web.1920.1920 (1)

Regardless whether you’re cruising, relaxing or entertaining, every REGENCY pontoon is manufactured using quality materials and processes for long-lasting luxury. You’ll also be regaled with a full complement of standard features crafted to provide convenience and comfort for the entire outing. In addition, you’ll enjoy spirited performance thanks to the performance tritoon design. And it’s all backed by the 10+LIFE™ warranty, providing you peace of mind for years to come.

The Boat Dock is proud to carry Regency Boats for our customers.

Call us today to learn more: 217-793-7300

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